Glorianna & Mercina Tillemann-Dick – Making ‘Good Enough’ Better

In 2010, Glorianna and her sister Mercina initiated SB42, a bill designed to modify the choice architecture for organ donors in Colorado and thus increase organ donation in the state. Mercina has interned in the offices of the Lantos Human Rights Commission, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and the Hungarian fashion house, Design by Lucia. As a representative to the Colorado Youth Advisory Council (COYAC), Mercina advised the state legislature on issues relevant to Colorado youth. Glorianna has worked as an intern for Rep. Dennis Kucinich; she has participated in W2W (an international women’s conference), and in various Colorado environmental, homelessness, and artistic organizations. Both sisters are currently enrolled at Yale University.

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  1. Justin Dick October 12, 2011 Reply

    Well done! You have to wonder why some people care so much about what other people decide to do with their own dead bodies that they would fight to deny a better chance for life for organ recipients. What moral compass are they using? Is it really somehow better to waste an opportunity to provide life than it is to let a precious gift turn to meat. I honestly don’t understand why people that would fight this modest change in a established law.

    From dust, to dust. Maybe you could have a choice, a gift could be pulled from the dust.

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