Water for Peace: extinguishing the fire of war and conflict

Water is life. However, people often think of water as a generator of conflict and a likely source of war. Dr. Ahmed Abukhater turns this idea on its head by viewing water as a venue for cooperation, reflecting on his own experience growing up in Gaza and his recent work (Water as a Catalyst for Peace). Equitable allocation of water not only can help in building trust between disputing nations, but also can set the stage for other major issues, e.g. land, sovereignty, and borders to be amicably resolved. Water can bind people together instead of dividing them. Raised during the Palestinian Intifada (Uprising), Dr. Abukhater recognized the value of water as the sustainer of life and peace. His life and work are dedicated to finding pragmatic ways to bring peace to disputing nations globally, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Water itself can and should be used as a catalyst for peace to cement comprehensive and lasting agreements ending years of hostility and bloodshed. A native Palestinian, born and raised in Rafah, the Gaza Strip, Dr. Ahmed Abukhater is an award-winning author, business executive, and record-setting athlete. Ahmed Abukhater grew up in a world of environmental inequity. Raised during the Palestinian Intifada (uprising), he recognized the value of water as the sustainer of life and peace. He is also the author of the book “Water as a Catalyst for Peace - Transboundary Water Management and Conflict Resolution” and the upcoming book “Palestine: Peace by Piece.” Dr. Abukhater is a noted expert in a number of areas including geospatial and navigation solutions, strategic marketing and product management, sustainable community development, and trans-boundary water resources management and conflict resolution. His work focuses on the social, economic and environmental factors that drive the 21st century urban development, geopolitical discourse, resource access and allocation, and conflict prevention and resolution. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx